One Mom’s Experience Of Getting Roped Into Buying Essential Oils

I moved from Cape Cod, MA to New Hampshire in 2012 when my husband and I got married and I was adjusting to my new life and working part time at a chiropractor’s office.

My co-worker, Julia was hosting an Intro to Essential Oils meeting that began in the office right when my shift ended. I remember focusing on the word “green” on her flyer and I was convinced that it was going to be a meeting about recycling.  Unfortunately, I was going home to an empty apartment and couldn’t come up with an excuse to leave.

Julia’s friend, Yvonne, arrived to facilitate the meeting and I realized that my window to sneak out had closed. She turned on a diffuser and started putting small bottles of essential oils on the table. I had no idea what was going on. Once I realized that we were being encouraged to apply the oils to our skin, I felt compelled to tell her that I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe I had just told this perfect stranger that I was pregnant when, at 10 weeks along, I had only told a handful of family members and close friends.

As the oils were being passed around, I was very cautious. I had been researching about what I should and shouldn’t be eating and putting on my body while pregnant and I wasn’t sure if these were safe. I thought I was helping my baby by drinking Gatorades to keep hydrated while having no understanding of the dangers of food dyes. I was also eating peppermint candy like popcorn to help with my nausea with no consideration for the aspartame which wreaks havoc on your body. I was unknowingly living a very unhealthy lifestyle which makes it so funny to me now that I was nervous to put pure, concentrated plants on my skin.

I find that everyone has at least one area of their life that they are hoping to improve and I was no exception. A few weeks into my pregnancy, I had gone to my doctor complaining of an issue and let her know that there was a chance I was pregnant. The doctor dismissed me because we had only been married about 2 months and didn’t bother doing a pregnancy test before writing me a prescription for an antibiotic. When I did find out that I was pregnant, I immediately googled the prescription that I had completed and was incredibly upset to find out that it is dangerous to take while pregnant. I felt angry, scared and mostly helpless.

Now here I was at this oil party and it was being shared that I could keep my health more in my own hands. I could use the oils, as carefully instructed, in all sorts of ways to support healthy immune function without the risk of negative side effects. Now the oils are not meant to replace medicine in any way. However, I did like the idea of having something on hand at home that I could be using daily to contribute to my overall wellness.

Yvonne did briefly explain the business side of things to me but unfortunately, I had just experienced a very pushy MLM friend so I looked right at her and said, “I am not interested in signing anyone up. I will only ever order for myself.” She said ok and, to my relief, the subject was dropped.

About a year later I was still using the oils. I had replaced many items in my home for Young Living products or homemade recipes infused with oils. I had joined the Essential Rewards program and was earning points back on each of my monthly orders for free stuff. There was still no intention to have anyone else sign up but I started sharing with my mother, mother-in-law, and close friends about what a positive impact they were having on my life. A few people asked me if I would have Yvonne come to my house and do an Intro class like the one I had attended in the beginning.

Fast forward exactly 5 years (to today) and sharing about what an impact the oils have had on my life is now one of my most favorite things to do. At the beginning of each intro meeting that I facilitate, I think about how I felt sitting there in that chair waiting to hear about recycling. Ha! My goal is to educate and support anyone who is interested in taking a more intentional and proactive approach to their health and wellness. I no longer feel bad about talking to people about them, instead I feel bad if I don’t because I don’t want them to miss out the way I almost did.

Today Yvonne is a dear friend who I am beyond grateful for. She has taken time to teach and encourage me, but most importantly, she has taken an interest in the health of my children.  I pray that I have been able to help bring better health to other’s lives and the lives of their children, too. It is truly an invaluable gift that keeps on giving for generations (epigenetics, anyone?). If you want to gift someone with a healthier 2018, consider purchasing yourself, and them, a Premium Starter Kit. I will walk alongside you, answer all of your questions and support you the way that I’ve been supported.

I know this sounds cheesy (and I don’t care) but I thank God for Young Living and the positive change the oils have made to my family. I thank Him for the opportunity to care for my children in a way that I didn’t know how to before. They have been an addition to my life that I didn’t know I needed until I started experiencing them for myself. I wish I could gift them to everyone I know so they could see what I’ve been trying to share for so long. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to make an income simply by living a healthier lifestyle. I love my jobs. I love being a wife to my husband, I love being a mom to my kids and I love using God’s original medicine to enhance the quality of their lives.

What can I help you with? What’s your need? Essential oils just might be the addition to your life that you didn’t know you need. Link arms with me, click here and let me be your Yvonne. Or you can browse my website here. I know you won’t regret it.

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