An Open Letter To My Best Friend About Her *Bleeping* Brain Tumor

Friend, I want to tell you something and I want you to really listen. I know that you dismiss the comments when others tell you how brave you are. I’ve seen you shrug and brush off those who compliment your superhuman strength. I know that you don’t believe you’re an inspiration to everyone you meet just because I know you and your humility.

I also know all of this because you’ve cried for hours on end over the fear of your future so there’s no way you think that you’re brave. Hear me. You’re brave because you’ve allowed the tears to flow.

I know you don’t think you’re strong because you’ve collapsed into your husband’s arms not knowing how you’re going to get through the day… or even the next 5 minutes.  That remarkable man has carried you in and out of your bedroom more times than you both can count. I could never say this enough but you are strong because you let him carry you.

I know you don’t think you’re an inspiration because you’ve had days upon days of feeling hopeless and in despair over the fact that every single thing in your life has had to change because of this horrible invasion of your brain. Sweet friend, you are an inspiration because, not in spite, of the fact that you’ve severely struggled with losses in your life and have chosen to keep moving forward, do what you can to improve the situation and seek help in endless ways.  

Contrary to what you might believe, this thing hasn’t broken you or made you appear weak. It has actually been shining a massive spotlight on all of your crazy amazing qualities so that more people could see what was in you all along.  

Friend, I love you and I see you. I am in awe of what you’ve overcome, survived and accomplished. I also can’t wait to see how you continue to seek ambition (see what I did there?) in the face of this monster. More people are standing with you and praying for you than you know. ❤

Check out my best friend’s blog: Blonde Seeking Ambition

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